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Cooking with my soul: Crinkles

Cooking with my soul

7 ian. 2011


Scroll down for English recipe

In engleza cuvantul crinkle inseamna (printre altele)a produce un sunet ca atunci cand se crapa ceva. Asta se intampla cand musti din biscuitii astia: sunt moi la interior, dar crocanti la exterior . Si arata si foarte dragut  contrastul cacao - zahar pudra. Un deliciu.

  • 150 g unt moale, taiat cuburi
  • 150 g zahar tos
  • 2 oua
  • 200 g faina
  • 1 lingura cacao neagra
  • 3/4 lingurita praf de copt
  • 135 g (o tableta si jumatate) ciocolata Kandia amaruie, taiata marunt
  • 1 fiola esenta de rom
  • 100 g zahar pudra

Cum se face:
  • Amesteca untul si zaharul pentru cateva minute.
  • Adauga ouale unul cate unul si amesteca bine dupa fiecare.
  • Adauga esenta si amesteca.
  • Amesteca bine faina cu cacao si praf de copt. Adauga in compozitie si amesteca sa se incorporeze bine.
  • Cu o lingura amesteca si ciocolata in compozitie.
  • Pune la frigider 1-2 ore
  • In timpul asta pune hartie de copt pe 2 tavi mari.
  • Incalzeste cuptorul la 190 C
  • Din compozitie fa bilute si da-le prin zahar pudra. Pune-le in tava, cu 2-3 cm intre ele

  • Coace 10- 12 minute.

  • Scoate biscuitii pe un gratar si lasa-i la racit.

English version

The word crinkle means (among others) to make a soft crackling sound. This happens when you bite these biscuits: they are soft on the inside but crispy on the outside. And the contrast cocoa - powder sugar looks very nice. A delight.


     * 150 g soft butter, diced
     * 150 g granulated sugar
     * 2 eggs
     * 200 g flour
     * 1 tablespoon dark cocoa
     * 3 / 4 teaspoon baking powder
     * 135 g bittersweet chocolate, chopped
     * 1 tablespoon rum essence
     * 100 g caster sugar

How To:

     * Mix the butter and sugar for a few minutes.
     * Add eggs one by one and mix well after each.
     * Add essence and mix.
     * Mix well the flour with cocoa and baking powder. Add to composition and mix well to incorporate.
     * With a spoon stir in the chocolate.
     * Put in refrigerator 1-2 hours
     * During this place parchment paper on two large trays.
     * Preheat oven to 190 C
     *  Make small balls and roll them in caster sugar. Put them in the tray, 2-3 cm apart
     * Bake 10-12 minutes.
     * Remove cookies to a rack and let cool.

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