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Cooking with my soul: Ciorba de fasole boabe cu ciolan afumat (White beans soup with smoked ham hock)

Cooking with my soul

27 dec. 2010

Ciorba de fasole boabe cu ciolan afumat (White beans soup with smoked ham hock)

Scroll down for English recipe

  • 1 ciolan afumat de porc
  • 500 g fasole boabe, spalata si fara impuritati
  • 2 morcovi
  • 1 radacina patrunjel
  • 1 foaie de dafin
  • 2 cepe, taiate marunt
  • 50ml ulei
  • 2 linguri pasta de tomate
  • sare dupa gust
  • optional: cimbru

Lasa fasolea la inmuiat 10- 15 ore (peste noapte e foarte bine). Scurge fasolea.
Pune-o intr-o oala mare si acoper-o cu apa. Fierbe pana ce da un clocot. Arunca apa. Pune ciolanul afumat peste fasole si acoper-o cu 3-4 l de apa fiarta (Nu rece!).


Adauga morcovii, patrunjelul si foia de dafin. Fierbe fasolea la foc mic, pana ce e fiarta bine. Adauga pasta de tomate, sare si cimbru dupa gust. Lasa sa dea un clocot. In timpul asta caleste ceapa in ulei. Pune-o peste fasole si mai fierbe 2-3 clocote.
Ciorba asta se manaca cu ceapa.

English version


     * 1 smoked pork ham hock
     * 500 g white beans, washed and without impurities
     * 2 carrots
     * 1 parsley root
     * 1 bay leaf
     * 2 onions, finely chopped
     * Oil 50ml
     * 2 tablespoons tomato paste
     * salt to taste
     * Optional: thyme

How to:
  • Allow beans to soak for 10 to 15 hours (overnight is very good). Drain beans.
  • Put beans in a large pot and cover with water. Give it a a boil. Drain and throw the water (i do this so . the beans can be easily digested)
  • Put bean and  ham  back in pot and cover it with 3-4 liters of boiling water (not cold!).
  • Add carrots, parsley and bay leaf. Simmer beans over low heat until it is cooked well. Add tomato paste, salt and thyme to taste. Leave it to a boil.  
  • During this sauté onion in oil. Put it over the beans and simmer for 1 minute.
  • Eat the soup with red onion.

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