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Cooking with my soul: Am nevoie de ajutorul vostru (I need your help)

Cooking with my soul

18 ian. 2011

Am nevoie de ajutorul vostru (I need your help)

Scroll down for English recipe

Dragii mei, dupa cum va spuneam m-am hotarat sa particip la un concurs pe gustos.ro
Ca de obicei, este cu voturi. De aceea am venit cu o rugaminte: daca va place, va rog sa-mi votati blogul.
Pentru aceasta, mai intai e nevoie sa va faceti cont pe gustos. ro, accesand aici

Dupa aceasta, puteti sa votati blogul Cooking with my soul la sectiunea Supe ciorbe  si la sectiunea Aperitive

Va multumesc anticipat si va pup.

English version

My dear friends, I decided to participate with my blog in a contest. As usual, here in Romania, winning is based on how many votes you have :D. So, I need your help and I will really appreciate the time you took in doing this. (kisses)

If you like my blog, I kindly ask you to vote for me. From the beginning I have to tell that it takes two steps for voting, which means that you will need approximately 7 minutes to finish. For this you first need to make an account here

A window like this will appear. Fill in the spaces (i wrote on the picture what everything means - in blue)

Now that you have an account, you can vote for Soups here  for Cooking with my soul

You can also vote for appetizers here, again for Cooking with my soul.


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