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Cooking with my soul: Ciorba de legume cu leustean (Vegetable sour soup with lovage)

Cooking with my soul

21 iun. 2010

Ciorba de legume cu leustean (Vegetable sour soup with lovage)

Scroll down for English recipe

 In summer I like to eat vegetable sour soups. Depending on what I find in the garden (if I am in the country) or in my refrigerator, my soups contain a variety of vegetables. But there is something they have in common: lovage. That's because it seems to me the best flavor for a sour soup. Here, in Romania we give the sour taste of the soup using bortsch. It is made from bran and water left a couple of days until it becomes sour, than the liquid is filtrated and used. If you don't have bortsch, use lemon juice. 

Vara imi place sa fac ciorbe din legume. In functie de  ce gasesc prin gradina (daca sunt la tara) sau prin frigider, ciorbele mele contin o mare varietate de legume. Exista, insa, ceva ce au in comun: leusteanul. Asta pentru ca mi se pare cea mai potrivita aroma pentru o ciorba acra.

Ingrediente pentru o oala de 5-6 litri
  • 2 cepe medii, tocate
  • 2 morcovi medii, tocati
  • 1 radacina patrunjel, tocat
  • 1 radacina telina, tocata
  • 1 ardei, tocat
  • 1 dovlecel, tocat
  • 3 l apa (sau 2 l apa + 1 l supa de pui)
  • 3 linguri de ulei
  • 1 cutie rosii decojite in bulion
  • 1 legatura patrunjel, tocata marunt
  • 1 l bors
  • sare dupa gust
  1. Incalzeste uleiul in oala si caleste putin ceapa.
  2. Adauga celelalte legume (fara dovlecel) si caleste-le putin.
  3. Pune apa (sau apa + supa) si fierbe la foc mic pana ce legumele sunt putin moi.
  4. Adauga dovlecelul si rosiile si lasa pana ce legumele sunt fierte
  5. Pune borsul fierbinte si fierbe 3 minute.
  6. Potriveste de sare. 
  7. Ia de pe foc si pune leusteanul.
  8. Serveste cald cu smantana sau rece.

 English version

Ingredients for a 5-6 liter pot

* 2 medium onions, chopped
    * 2 medium carrots, chopped
* 1 parsley root, chopped
    * 1 celery root, chopped
    * 1 green pepper, chopped
    * 1 zucchini, chopped
* 3 l water (or 1 l  water + 2 l chicken broth)
* 3 tablespoons oil
* 1 can peeled tomatoes in tomato sauce
* 1 bundle lovage, finely chopped
    * 1 liter bortsch (or lemon juice to taste)
    * Salt to taste

Heat oil in the pot and fry the onion until it is soft.
2. Add other vegetables (not zucchini) and fry them a bit.
   3. Put water (or water + soup) and boil until vegetables are slightly soft.
Add zucchini and tomatoes and leave until the vegetables are cooked
5. Puts hot borsch and boil 3 minutes.
6. Add salt.

   7. Take the pot from het and add the chopped lovage. Stir. Cover.
Serve warm with cream or cold.

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