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Cooking with my soul: Gem de caise (Apricot jam)

Cooking with my soul

1 aug. 2011

Gem de caise (Apricot jam)

Scroll down for English recipe

Gemul de caise este cel mai bun!  Am decretat asta inca de acum multi ani, cand nu eram inca in stare sa vorbesc prea bine. Atunci ma delectam cu gemul de caise facut de bunica. Acum, il fac eu singura, dar dupa aceeasi reteta care n-a dat niciodat gres. Se poate pastra chiar ani intregi si nu se strica. Iata cum fac eu gemul de caise

  • 4 kg de caise
  • 1- 1,5 kg zahar tos (in functie de cat de dulce iti place)
  • 6 borcane (aproximativ) de 400 ml, spalate si uscate
Cum se face:
  • Spala caisele si curata-le coaja de eventuale pete negre. Scoate samburii, al caror miez il poti adauga in gem daca vrei. Mie imi place gemul pur.

  • Pune caisele (scurse bine de apa) intr-o oala incapatoare cu fundul foarte gros. Eu folosesc wokul. Pune-le la foc mediu.Vei vedea ca incep sa-si lase zeama. Amesteca din cand in cand ca sa nu se prinda de fundul cratitei.
  •  Da focul mai mic si amesteca, pana cand lichidul a scazut destul de mult. Asta poate dura 2-3 ore. Ca sa nu se prinda gemul de fundul cratitei, poti pune sub ea o tabla. In final gemul de caise arata asa

  • Acum poti pune zaharul. Mai intai 1 kg, apoi (peste vreo jumatate de ora) gusti si daca vrei mai adaugi zahar. 

  • In aceasta etapa gemul se poate  prinde foarte usor de fundul cratitei, de aceea focul trebuie sa fie dat la mic si gemul de caise amestecat foarte des. Daca, totusi, s-a prins, imediat trebuie pus intr-o alta cratita si continuat procesul de fierbere.
  • Dupa inca 2-3 ore (sau chiar mai mult) gemul a scazut si a ajuns la consistenta dorita. Aceasta poate fi probata daca pui putin gem pe o farfurie si astepti sa se raceasca.
  • Pune gemul in borcane, pe care nu le inchizi imediat. Asteapta ca gemul sa faca o pojghita deasupra (cam 30 minute), apoi le inchizi bine. Ca sa nu se sparga borcanele din cauza gemului fierbinte, pune-le pe o tava metalica in timp ce le umpli.
  • Sterge borcanele de urmele de impuritati si pune-le in camara.
Sper sa va placa. Va multumesc ca imi cititi blogul. Cu drag, 
Brindusa :)

English version

Apricot jam is the best! I know that since many years ago when I was still able to speak well. Then I enjoyed the apricot jam made by my grandmother. Now I make it by myself, but after the same recipe, always giving the same good result. You can keep it for years and it will remain as in the day you made it. Here's how I make apricot jam
  •     4 kg of apricots
  •     1 - 1.5 kg granulated sugar (depending on how sweet you like)
  •     6 jars (approximately) 400 ml, washed and dried
How to:
  •     Wash apricots and peel any black spots. Remove the pits.
  •     Put apricots (drained well) in a roomy pot with thick bottom. I use a big wok. Put the pot over medium heat. The juices from apricots will start to come out. Stir occasionally.
  •     Reduce the heat and stir until the liquid reduces a lot. This may take 2-3 hours.
  •     Now you can put sugar. First 1 kg, then (in about half an hour) if you want it sweeter, add more sugar.
  •     At this stage jam can easily stick at the bottom of the pan, so it is better to simmer it at the lowest heat possible. If, however, it sticks and burns, immediately put it in another pan and continued the simmer.
  •     After another 2-3 hours (or more) jam thickened and reached the desired consistency. This can be checked if you put a little jam on a plate and let cool.
  •     Put jam in jars, but do not close them immediately. Wait until the jam makes a film on top (about 30 minutes), then close them well. In order for the jars not to break due to hot jam, put them on a metallic tray while you fill them.
  •     Remove impurities from the walls of the jar and store them for winter..
I hope you will like it.  
Thanks for reading my post. Sending all my love, Brindusa :)

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