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Cooking with my soul: Ardei iute in otet (Pickled chili peppers)

Cooking with my soul

31 aug. 2011

Ardei iute in otet (Pickled chili peppers)

Scroll down for English recipe

La iarna sunt foarte buni cu o ciorba de porc sau niste sarmale in foi de varza.

  • 1/2 litru otet
  • 1 litru apa
  • 1,5 linguri sare pentru muraturi (nu sare cu iod)
  • 2 linguri de miere (sau 3 linguri zahar)
  • 2 linguri piper negru boabe
  • 1 lingurita boabe mustar
  • 2 foi dafin
  • 1 kg ardei iuti

Mod de preparare
  • Spala ardeii si pune-i in borcane, in pozitie verticala.
  • Fierbe toate celelalte ingrediente, pentru 2-3 minute.
  • Pune borcanele pe o tava metalica (ca sa nu se sparga) si toarna lichidul fiert, pana ce le umpli. Inchide bine borcanele cu capace. Lasa borcanele sa se raceasca, apoi pune-le in camara pentru la iarna.  

English version

If you like to eat hot and sour, you will for sure like this way of pickling chilies. You can use other peppers, if they are small and hot. Here, in Romania, we like to eat them in winter with "sarmaludze" which is sour cabbage leafs stuffed with grounded pork meat.

  •      1 / 2 liter wine vinegar
  •      1 liter water
  •      1.5 tablespoons pickling salt (not with iodine)
  •      2 tablespoons honey (or 3 tablespoons sugar)
  •      2 tablespoons whole black pepper 
  •      1 teaspoon mustard seeds
  •      2 bay leaves
  •      1 kg chili  pepper

  •      Wash peppers and put them in jars in an upright position.
  •      Boil all other ingredients, for 2-3 minutes.
  •      Place the jars on a metal tray (not to break) and pour the hot liquid, until filled. Close the jars with lids. Allow jars to cool, then put them in the pantry for the winter.

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